Hobbies for busy lives: Investing in Equipment

Taking up a new hobby has so many benefits, both mentally and physically. Aside from broadening your abilities, you can find relaxation, diversion and even new friendships in taking up a hobby. As with almost anything in life, it will require an investment of time and finances, with some hobbies outwardly costing a lot more than others, but this needn’t be off-putting as there are many ways to dip a proverbial toe into the different pools without it costing the earth.

Sewing probably comes in most expensive, with a very basic machine costing £50-£80, though I would recommend going for something from £150+ if you want it to last any length of time and cope with a variety of materials. There will be additional costs such as fabric scissors), pins, needles and markers which will be important from the outset.

Circular Needle available at Beautiful Knitters

Knitting can actually be quite low cost to get started with. Grab a pair of 3.5mm or 4mm (the most common for projects like scarves and socks), or some 6mm if you prefer the idea of something chunky for £4-£7. And that’s about it for equipment for most beginner projects. Bargain!

Painting can come in even cheaper on the equipment front, with a simple paintbrush for a quid or two, an empty jam jar for water and an egg-box pallette

Other hobbies with basic starter requirements include

Embroidery – needles and a hoop

Crochet – just the hook

Sketching – a box of pencils in various shades, often come with a free rubber and sharpener

Origami – nimble fingers (patience also required)

Make Cute Origami Bunny Decorations for Easter
Learn to make a box bunny (coloured paper optional)

What low-investment hobbies would you recommend? What’s been your biggest splurge on equipment? Let me know! x

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