Hobbies for busy lives

We’re busy people, right?

Like soooooo busy.

Like “I pre-order my coffee in the morning ’cause ain’t got time to wait in line” kinds of busy.

Well, apart from the fact that I make my own coffee, that’s pretty much my daily complaint. I am the one tapping her foot as though it will magically speed up the ten-strong queue ahead of her, power-walking everywhere because ambling is inefficient and even listening to audiobooks at 1.5x the normal speed, because those narrators just speaks so darned slowly. Don’t even mention the word lie-in. Despite all of this, I am the first person to say that anyone can make time for creative hobbies – if they want to. It’s just a matter of finding ones that suit your lifestyle.

I will show you how even an absolute beginner can be productive and creative while developing their skills. I will look at:

Being realistic

Considering the investment

Taking your hobby with you

My favourite quick projects

What are your favourite hobbies and how long have you been practicing? Is there anything you wish you had more time for? Let me know x


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